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Gieves Dress WheelHave you ever heard of a butler referred to as “Gieves”?  This might just be where it all started:  The Gieves gentlemen’s tailor company was founded in 1771, and became a limited company in 1785; their dress wheel aided naval officers in choosing what to wear at any particular occasion, for any part of the world they might have found themselves in at the time.  Dressing, even for men, was an extremely complex social signal in bygone eras.  By 1935 there were twelve styles of dress, including tropical options.  By turning the wheel, an officer could see just what to wear.  A handy little marketing device, it most likely gained Gieves loyal royal naval customers, and maybe – just maybe – earned every top-class servant the moniker of “Gieves”…

For more naval tidbits, check out the following website:


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