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“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty & blue, was the Earth.  I put up my thumb & shut one eye, & my thumb blotted out the planet Earth.  I didn’t feel like a giant.  I felt very, very small.”

Neil Armstrong

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    I was 16 when Neil Armstrong gave his famous one small step speech on the moon. I was proud of my country but well on my way to becoming an agnostic. Later in life as I contemplated the night skies I also contemplated the Creator as well as my own insignificance. This in turn led me to my greatest need- a Savior who is the Christ.


    • I couldn’t agree more! I think it would be difficult to see our own insignificance in light of creation and not see the Creator. And once you know him and his character, you see his fingerprints everywhere, from spiral galaxies to the smallest blade of grass…



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