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The Diva Mummy of China

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When we think of well-preserved mummies we tend to think of Egypt; but in fact, the best preserved mummy of all time comes from China.  Known as the “Diva Mummy”, the Lady of Dai died sometime between 178 and 145 BC; when she was found in the 1970s her skin was still elastic, and she was still intact, down to the nose hairs.  For the full story, click on the photo below.


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  1. It is wildly fascinating indeed. I am also a fan of the naturally mummified, and the various processes of mummification in bogs, at high altitude and cold climates.


    • What I find most intriguing in this particular case is that the scientists haven’t been able to identify the liquid she was in; you’d think, with all of the techniques at our disposal today, they’d be able to identify it…! Or perhaps the scientists know but the reporter didn’t. Either way it’s interesting! 🙂


      • Indeed! Though in cases like this, scientists are often a little careful, trying to use non-intrusive methods first, such as CT scans etc. Which is a good thing!


      • True, though when they exhumed her the liquid was still present to conduct non-intrusive tests…


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