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A Time Capsule of History in One Family

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I missed posting this past weekend as I’ve been knee-deep in editing another novel’s manuscript.  When I’m in editing- (and not research-) mode, I don’t tend to come across historical articles or topics of interest for this particular blog.  However, I saw an article on a topic that has fascinated me since I first read about the Lykov family of Russia several years ago, and knew I had to share it!  The Lykov family lived in the wilds of Siberia from 1936 to 1978 without a single contact from a human being outside of their family; that’s not hard to imagine when you realize that the vast forested area in which they lived, the Taiga, is 5 million square miles of nothing but wilderness, wildlife, and roughly a human population of 1,000… that’s 5,000 square miles per person.  They were completely self-sufficient, had no idea that World War 2 had even occurred, and the younger children spoke an isolated language of their own.  To read the fascinating history of the Lykov family, click on the image below.

Lykov Family, Russian Taiga Forest


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  1. What a wonderful story.


    • Glad to share it! I’m always on the look-out for the human stories of history – that’s what it’s all about, really… nations may rise and fall, and kings come and go, but each person is important no matter how insignificant.



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