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Radioactive Water as a Cure?

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What would possess anyone to think that bottling and selling radioactive water could be in any way beneficial to health?  Well, apparently someone did.  In fact, it was prescribed as a medical treatment!  Read the gruesome tale of Eben Byers, steel magnate, by clicking on the image below.

Radioactive water (1900s)

Historical Maps

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If you’re like me and my husband, you’re a sucker for maps.  If we could get away with it we’d probably wallpaper our flat with antique maps (replicas – don’t worry!).  In researching for my current novel, which is set in the 1750s and 1760s in England, I needed an accurate contemporary map of the counties Dorset and Hampshire.  I came across a great website, which I’d like to share with you, for the Map House, London.  I’ll definitely be popping in there for a (no doubt dangerously expensive) bit of shopping on my next research trip!

Just click on the image below, which is a section of map from 1760 Dorset, to hop over to the site and take a virtual tour; besides maps they also have catalogues, globes, prints, travel posters and more.

Bowen & Kitchin - An Accurate Map of Dorset Shire Divided into its Hundreds 1760 5b

On Hunters and Hunted

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“Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters.”

African Proverb


The Mystery of the Caucasian Dolmens

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Some time ago I read an interesting article about thousands of megalithic structures that have been found spread throughout the massive area of the Western Caucasus in Southern Russia.  Astoundingly similar though spread over hundreds of thousands of acres, there are currently over three thousand found and counting.  Dolmens are found throughout Europe through Asia, in India, Korea, Spain and Ireland, as well as the Middle East and Africa.  The Russian portal tombs are unique in that they are nearly all identical, reflect highly skilled stone masonry, and are spread out over a much farther region than one would think possible, given the sparse population of the region.  Each Caucasus Dolmen  weighs roughly 15 to 30 tons, yet they have not found a single trace of a stone quarry anywhere in the Western Caucasus, nor have they found any evidence of the stones having been dragged to the sites.  Personally, I’m a bit tempted to think of the Caucasian Dolmens as a type of OOPArt.  To read the fascinating article, please click on the photo.

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