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This Day in History: Apollo 11 Landing

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Found on the official website of the Department of Homeland Security, in their history section, this customs declaration form of Apollo 11’s crew reentry to Earth is entertaining, when you read the details… like they might have disembarked somewhere between the moon and Earth, travelling at roughly 205 miles per second; or they might know what diseases they brought back to Earth from the moon (“to be determined”)…

To check out NASA’s history page, just click on the Apollo 11 crew’s photo below.

General Declaration of Customs, Apollo 11 Crew 24 July 1969

Apollo 11 Crew - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin,  Michael Collins

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  2. I love this. Thank you. On the day of the landing, I had just moved to europe and was living in a student dorm, so I had neither a radio nor a tv and didn’t know of the event. two neighbors, from Switzerland and from Turkey knocked on my door and asked me to come over as they thought I should see the official landing. Both the event and the kindness of my neighbors touched me deeply. Memories.

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    • A memorable event on both counts! Where did you move to? Are you still there? Just curious. 🙂


      • My blog is often subtitled “And Gutenberg Lived Here”, the story of what happens when you live in the area where gutenberg first printed and is still a houselhold name. And yes, I still live here mostly. (I even worked once for the Gutenberg society.)

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