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Olive Oil

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What could be more worthy of being “undusted” than a bit of archaeological history? Olive oil is something we’re all familiar with, and it’s been around for thousands of years; here’s a great article on the topic!

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Olive Oil – that most ancient of liquors

Photo – España Es Cultura

Pic – España Es Cultura

It is currently thought that olive oil was produced domestically around the Mediterranean as early as 2500 BC.

Squeezed and drawn from the green and purplish fruit that hang in pendulous bunches amidst silver-green leaves, this golden green liquor has long been used in cuisine all around the Mediterranean basin. Gnarled trees, some with trunks greater than a metre across, are still farmed today while others, younger, stand in serried ranks spread over hill and dale, clearly evincing the olive’s current commercial importance.

Olive pressing - Morocco

Blindfolded camel olive press Sidi Kacem, Maroc

Spanish – Baetican Olive Oil and the Amphorae
While olive oil is produced by most countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, one country stands out for the sheer volume of its oil production and widespread distribution – Spain – and it has long been so.


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