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Snapshot in Time: 1939

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1939 - Kansas wheat, clothes for children so flowered print bags, washout labels

This photo from LIFE Magazine, 1939, shows Kansas wheat, of the Sunbonnet Blue Flour label.  Mothers sewed the flour bags into clothes for their children, so the bags were made in colourful prints with washout labels.  If only more companies today would make reusable packaging!  It may have just been the first commercial example of upcycling.

Snapshot in History: A Lethal… Photo

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Colt 38  Camera

New York, 1938 – The image is of a Colt 38, adapted to carry a small camera that automatically takes a picture when you pull the trigger.   To the left of the gun is a strip of 6 photos taken by the camera.

I assume that using such a camera was a good way to get yourself in the headlines – as a statistic.  Either the police or the mob would have had trigger-fingers back in the 30’s in New York, Chicago, or any other big city with mob or gang territorial issues…  but to each his own camera brand I guess!


Snapshot in History: the Bulletproof Vest

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Bulletproof Vests

Testing a bulletproof vest, 1923.  Talk about a trust issue…

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