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Historical Maps

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If you’re like me and my husband, you’re a sucker for maps.  If we could get away with it we’d probably wallpaper our flat with antique maps (replicas – don’t worry!).  In researching for my current novel, which is set in the 1750s and 1760s in England, I needed an accurate contemporary map of the counties Dorset and Hampshire.  I came across a great website, which I’d like to share with you, for the Map House, London.  I’ll definitely be popping in there for a (no doubt dangerously expensive) bit of shopping on my next research trip!

Just click on the image below, which is a section of map from 1760 Dorset, to hop over to the site and take a virtual tour; besides maps they also have catalogues, globes, prints, travel posters and more.

Bowen & Kitchin - An Accurate Map of Dorset Shire Divided into its Hundreds 1760 5b

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