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Ai Pioppi – The Making of History

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In northern Italy, near the city of Treviso, is an otherworldly experience:  In 1969 a man named Bruno bought a few kilos of large Italian sausages and a jug each of white and red wines, set up a grill beneath a tree, and a restaurant was born.  To attract visitors to his restaurant he began creating amusement park rides, welding them himself.  By now an elderly man, when you see the passion in his eyes, and the love he has for his creations and the people who appreciate his rides, you know what humanity is capable of with passion, a bit of ingenuity and determination.  I love the no-nonsense ways of the Italians, and the fact that people, whether old or young, enjoy these rides with a healthy dose of human common sense – there are no barricades, safety nets, no warning signs everywhere; people are expected to be responsible, act responsibly, and enjoy the experience as-is.  To see the 11-minute documentary by Fabrica, click on the image below.

Ai Pioppi

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